Murder Mysteries

The name belies . . . It’s a “harmless” murder.

The evening is a million laughs. A “harmless” murder, if you will.

Dinner is included, typically a Mediterranean affair since the scripts are about the Godfather with an offer too good to refuse. . . However, if you would like another cuisine please advise and we’ll be happy to accommodate. After all, they could have gone out for dinner that fateful night . . . Robin has lived in Brazil, France, Belgium and Africa, so we’re at home with different cuisines. Her Assistant Innkeeper is a master Mexican Food chef.

It is a private party consisting of your guests which we will host for you. You provide the people, we provide everything else. What can be better? You give a party and are left free to enjoy it! We only schedule one event a day, so you are the epicenter of our attention.

Our scripts accommodate up to 16 characters. To give you a feel for our packages, each script will include

  • host instructions and set-up requirements
  • proposed agendas
  • the cast
  • rules of the mystery
  • the story
  • host’s script
  • various tangible evidence

The price is $65 per person + tax plus 18% gratuity per person which includes dinner, your personal assistant for the script, and the script in which you and your guests are the characters. It can be either a sit down dinner or a buffet just before “The Will” is read in the parlor. Each person is free to participate as much or as little as they want. They are given the flavor of the character; some script, and are free to provide additional dialogue, as moved to do so. There also are prizes at the end!

Please contact us for an appointment.