Your pets are welcome at Robin’s Nest

Robin & Rudy

We have five cats and two dogs.   The cats are outside and lounge around as they please.*  The dogs are Robin’s and stay at her side.

*Please keep your dog on a leash when outside.

We ask that your pet be:

  • Flea and/or pest free
  • Freshly groomed
  • Brushed daily outside
  • Current shots
  • Socialized to other people and dogs/cats.
  • Sociable to other people.
  • Completely and forever, house broken.

To summarize, our pet policy depends on the size, age, training, and disposition of both the pet and the owner!

What you need to bring with you:

The only things we can think of that you might not have already considered:

  • A kennel or crate to put your baby in while you are gone. This protects the pet from being startled and keeps surprises from happening with our personnel. If you cannot do this, the pet needs to be by your side at all times. An exception to this would be an older pet who is very sedentary and our personnel would not startle.
  • A cloth or pad for your pet to sit on while he or she is on the bed or chair. If you forget, please request one at the office.  The housekeeper appreciates itIf it takes us extra time to clean the room after checkout, we’ll add it to your bill.
  • If your cat is apt to scratch, bring a scratch post unless you are keeping him or her in the kennel or crate when you’re not in the room.
  • $30 one time charge for your baby.
  • Long term stays require $100 refundable damage deposit.

We are in an excellent walking area which should give you some quality time with your pet.